Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Geek

QC2600 was a great success. Five people showed up for lock picking practice and discussion. Servers, rockets, and milling machines also made appearance in conversation. But the big news of the night: Hackerspace plans are in the works. If you're the Quad City Hackie Shack, please find us at, we want to hear from/join/assimilate* you.

So, what's a hackerspace and why should you care? A hackerspace is like a YMCA for your brain. It's a never-ending science fair, crossed with a renaissance fair, crossed with a machine shop, crossed with an art studio. A place to put your crazy ideas into tangible form. A public place. A club.

Interested? Hit us up at, and let's make stuff!

*We're not cyborgs. Honest.

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