Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whirlwind updates

Lots happening here. has bylaws and officers (yours truly as secretary), the google fiber promotion continues, we have a physical location for a hackerspace and more interested persons at Hamilton Tech. Had a chance to see some old friends for games and impromptu lockpicking session in Chicago last weekend. I also managed to make it to Pumping Station One to look around and talk to one of the founders. The weekend before was spent at a research meeting in Champaign, plus more meetings with friends, professors, etc. All of this stuff needs to get written down at some point for reference.

Don't forget to drop by the hackerspace Friday for more demolition, and Saturday for Build Day 2.0!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Geek

QC2600 was a great success. Five people showed up for lock picking practice and discussion. Servers, rockets, and milling machines also made appearance in conversation. But the big news of the night: Hackerspace plans are in the works. If you're the Quad City Hackie Shack, please find us at, we want to hear from/join/assimilate* you.

So, what's a hackerspace and why should you care? A hackerspace is like a YMCA for your brain. It's a never-ending science fair, crossed with a renaissance fair, crossed with a machine shop, crossed with an art studio. A place to put your crazy ideas into tangible form. A public place. A club.

Interested? Hit us up at, and let's make stuff!

*We're not cyborgs. Honest.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March events

Quad Cities 2600 meeting this Friday, March 5. 5-8pm, Cool Beanz Coffee House.
Hack Day 2.0 will be happening March 20, 9am-midnight, at 1207 95th Avenue West Rock Island. Show up at both, bring your friends, projects & cool ideas.